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Established in 1995, Rachna Sagar has been in the forefront of educational publishing since its inception. With its commitment to developing and bringing about quality education in the form of teaching and learning material (TLM)* for students and facilitators of pre-school, primary, middle, secondary and senior secondary levels of school education, the Company has secured a place for itself in the vanguard of publishing nationally and internationally. The Company is a pioneer in publishing books on a variety of subjects such as English, Mathematics, Life Skills, General Knowledge, Environmental Studies, Social Studies, Moral Values, Science, Computers, and Art & Activity. The Company is also committed to developing TLM for users in Gulf countries and other countries such as Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Jordan and Egypt.

Rachna Sagar is committed to giving the reader the best. Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.

We aim to publish relevant, timely and informative series to serve the educational community. We are committed to continually improving all aspects of teaching and learning. Through publishing quality texts, we will create a better tomorrow.
Veering away from a tendency to reproduce the existing printed stock into a digitized format, the Company has launched fresh, well researched and innovative products, enhancing its printed editions, so that online readers could benet from these quality products, keeping abreast of global and national trends in education. This step towards online information is a substantial advancement in making quality education interactive, innovative and satisfying for both the learner and the faculty. Goweb (a multimediabased online support for teachers and students) was introduced which offers e-learning, audio-visual animations, test generators, video lectures and other multimedia resources to enhance the learning outcomes.
Besides books, we have entered the space of digital study material including ebooks, interactive e-books and mobile applications. As publishers, we have successfully engineered production and research into preparing study material that meets the requirements of present generation and ushers us into a bright future.

This comprehensive package has been well researched and tested across a number of institutions and has undergone several categories of brainstorming exercises. These have helped us to make the package an original, interesting and engaging. Also, reference material for secondary and senior secondary classes is available in updated printed form and is also electronically accessible.

To enhance awareness and avail updates on the user group, we regularly conduct and participate in workshops and exhibitions across the globe. The user thus gets the latest books. We are active on e-commerce platform as well. We have acquired an invincible position in the industry. What we are today is thanks to the efforts of our team. Our Management has made our presence felt in the market. Apart from in-house Authors, Editors, Graphic Designers, Artists, IT Team including Animators, we also have sales and marketing professionals who are well versed in market dynamics and carry out extensive market research to understand the requirements of readers. Their efforts have enabled us to spread our client base and increase our business activities.

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We have a work force of about 600 people.

We have a strong and professionally managed supply chain management system in place, which ensures the ordered materials reach in time.
Considering the need of the customer, we keep the necessary stocks in reserve. We have around 25,000 square feet area of warehouses in Noida, India. Our staff are well equipped to assist inhouse designing and setting catalogues and bulletins, updating mailing lists on continuous basis and maintaining regular mailing schedules.
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Atool for teachers to generate multiple online papers.
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RSAR application can be downloaded from the play store. It enables users to see animated videos and live lectures
This contains answers to unsolved practice papers, examination papers and assess yourself.
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*In collaboration with the Ministry of Education
A product of our sister concern—
Forever Books Pvt. Ltd.—
Swa-adhyayan is the most
powerful and unique adaptive
learning, assessment and sharing
platform for students to identify
their learning styles and building
their pro ciency.
These features make learning
more effective and adaptive. The
assessment for classes
kindergarten to 8 generates
multiple reports and progress card
of the child depicting various
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