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Together With Be A Genius for Class 11


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Rachna Sagar


Binding : Paperback

Author : Rachna Sagar Expert Panel

Language : English

ISBN : 9788181376787

Weight : 0.450 kg

  • Be a Genius has been designed with the aim of improving student's creative thinking, decision-making, critical thinking, problem solving and communicative skills. The ability to apply basic concepts to solve application-based problems in Mathematics and Science, master the Language and to comprehend and analyze the written text are the skills that guarantee success in higher studies and professional growth. An attempt has been made to weave life skills in the contents that will enhance the overall personality of children and assist them in acquiring high-order thinking skills (HOTS) such as problem solving and decision-making. The three main sections will greatly help the students to understand arithmetic problems, think logically in the form of relationships, analogies, language items and directions. These will also help in identifying and analyzing patterns, drawing inference and developing communicative skills. The salient features of the books are as follows:
  • Encourages children to explore, ask questions, and apply the knowledge gained in real life situations.
  • Attractive layout that pleases the eye and engages the mind.
  • A variety of well-structured and graded exercises to provide ample practice and learn the art of problem solving.
  • Well thoughtout and carefully written text that engages all five senses to investigate and explore the joys of learning.
  • Easily understood instructions to avoid confusion and assist assimilation of knowledge.
  • 'Know more' provides extra knowledge for an enriching experience.
  • A step-by-step approach helps in solving problems with reasoning to shun the rote learning.
  • This text is suitable for students who are preparing for Olympiad and other competitive examinations.

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