Reflection of Latest CBSE Sample Question Papers for 2019 Board Examination

The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) in its wisdom, keeps prospective candidates and educational institutions periodically updated on educational matters and other relevant decisions concerning the forthcoming Board examinations. These directives in turn, serve as valuable guidelines for future implementation by respective schools and educational institutions. In this regard, the latest directive, from the CBSE pertains to the pattern of questions to be introduced in the forthcoming 2018-2019 Board Examinations for Classes X and XII. This updated blueprint of paper setting for the above mentioned classes is along a more flexible format and makes the paper far more competitive and encouraging for prospective candidates of the CBSE Board Examination for Classes X and XII, in  the 2018-2019 batch.

According to this guideline published through a sample paper by the CBSE, there are a higher number of choices given in both the theoretical and practical papers in all subjects, leading to a larger quantum of questions. This makes for a more exhaustive coverage of the syllabus by the paper setters and thus provides the candidates a wider choice of questions to be tackled by them.

The Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd. series of educational preparatory material for the forthcoming examinations at both the Class X and Class XII levels, has already been developed along the latest CBSE guidelines to enable students to prepare themselves with confidence for the forthcoming examinations. In particular, the EAD practice papers (CBSE Sample Papers for Class XCBSE Sample Papers for Class XII) in all subjects, as also the CBSE Pariksha Papers (Pre-Board papers for XPre-Board papers for XII ), have been designed and answered according to the latest pattern of the CBSE.

Extreme care has also been taken to give students an up-to-date guidance in preparation for the forthcoming examinations so that they are confident and competent to fully utilize their preparation time efficiently, and appear for the examination in a positive frame of mind.