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Together with Mathematics Buzz for Class 2


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Binding : Paperback

Author : Mrs. Sonica Dhawan and Mrs. Geeta VR

Language : English

ISBN : 9789388563369

Weight : 0.400 kg

Learning must provide variety and challenge, it must be interesting and engaging, thus creating avenues for learners who are capable of working at cognitive levels their own. Boredom is a sign that the task may have become mechanically repetitive and of little value for the learner.’ This revised edition of the entire series conforms to the norms of evaluation and covers the latest syllabus and guidelines. The objective is to reorient the teaching/learning process towards making it a learner- centered activity.

The onus lies on the teacher/facilitator to optimise the use of this book to result in efficient teaching and effective learning.

The special features Include:

  • Get.. Set… Go.. -Provides a recapitulation of the concepts learned earlier.
  • Important Terms – Explains the new terms for easy understanding of the concepts.
  • Math In Action- A students activity for introducing each concept in a play way (learning by doing) method.
  • Running Sums- Quick recapitulation and ensure retention of concepts already covered.
  • HOTS- Questions that challenge the mathematical, logical, mental ability of the learner.
  • Fun Activity/Activity- Consists of group activities to promote peer learning.
  • Worksheet- As a tool for revision and evaluating the learners understanding of the concepts.

This will also help the teacher assess the effectiveness of his/her teaching.

  • Mental Math’s – A section that enhances the child’s analytical skills and sharpens mathematical understanding.
  • Remember- To help the learner quickly recall the concepts.

Puzzles, word searches, crosswords, etc. hold the interest of the learner as well as check their knowledge throughout the teaching- learning process.

Exclusive Features of this series is the Math kit which is an integrated part of the book. The easily detachable perforated sheets are a part of the learners own individual math kit easy to do- Easy to undo- fun to use and easy to carry.

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