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Together with Physics Lab Practical for Class 11


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Binding : Hard Bound

Author : Mr R S Dass, Dr MK Gandhi, Mr Abhishek and Mr Raje

Language : English

ISBN : 9789389173901

Weight : 0.900 kg

  • Together With CBSE Lab Practical Physics for Class 11

  • Learning physics is not merely gaining of knowledge about facts and principles rather it is the science wherein you search for scientific truth by verifying the facts through learning by doing. The content of this book is strictly based upon the latest syllabi prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi and State Boards of Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Bihar, Jharkhand, Kerala, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Uttarakhand and other states following the CBSE curriculum. The study of science in general, and that of physics, in particular can be fruitful if the student performs experiments/activities and investigatory projects. It is just like a swimmer who has learnt swimming only after entering into water and not by a trainer or expert. Similarly, in physics, theory only predicts but experiment decides. Hence, experimental work occupies a key position in a scheme of scientific study due to which the student learns:,
    – how to devise experiments
    – how to work on their own
    – how to rectify mistakes
    – how to enjoy success of learning
    Keeping in mind the aim of Together With CBSE Lab Practical Physics for Class 11 practical work in school, this project is taken up to achieve the following objectives:
    ●Easy to read
    ●Motivate students by stimulating interest and enjoyment
    ●Teach laboratory skills
    ●Enhance the learning of scientific knowledge by giving insight into scientific method and develop expertise in using it.

    The salient features of the lab manual are:
    The course is presented in a simple language and comprises of
    (i) Laboratory experiments
    (ii) Activities
    (iii) NCERT Lab Manual questions
    (iv) Investigatory projects and
    (v) Thought-provoking Viva voce.
    Before starting an experiment, What You Should Know is presented under the heading Prerequisites.
    ●Steps are given in a systematic way to perform an experiment.
    ●Self-explanatory observation tables help students to record observations in an orderly and scientific manner.
    ●To help perform an experiment logically What to Take Care of, and Why the Error can Creep in the Result are given at the end of each experiment/activity/investigatory project under the headings Precautions and Sources of Error respectively.
    ●To assess the students understanding of the concept related to a particular experiment/activity performed, a large number of thought-provoking oral questions with answers are presented in a lively manner separately.
    ●The investigatory projects suggested by CBSE are given. The teachers may design more projects related to the concepts taught at this level.
    (vi) Notebook pages have been included in the book itself for the convenience of the students.

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