Best CBSE Practice Study Material for Class 11 All Subjects

The publications in the market under the Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd (Together With) are products of high quality research into the needs and requirements of students and teachers. To ensure that our books are relevant and interesting for the end-users, the company has a large team of researchers, editors and content writers who are constantly working at supplying book titles, which are based on the latest educational pedagogies and current educational system (based on latest CBSE syllabus and NCERT textbook).

Taking the publications of the NCERT as their main guideline, Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd has provided additional sample papers(for class 10 and 12), practice study material( for class 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ), cbse previous years questions( for class 10, 12 ) by bringing publications in a serial format. These books are brought out in a graded order to match the age and competency levels of the child-user.

Thus Rachna Sagar Pvt Ltd has been able to provide core quality preparatory educational material such as CBSE Practice Study Material, Guide help-support books for appearing for the all the CBSE, Board level examinations on varied subjects like

Mathematics |English Core | Physics | Chemistry | Biology | Economics | Computer Science

Practice papers

Best CBSE Practice Study Material for Class 11 All Subjects
  • Section-wise/ chapter-wise Reading Material
  • Chapter Wise
  • Important Terms and Concepts
  • Solves Examples
  • Practice Questions
  • Select NCERT Exemplar Problems
  • Previous years and HOTS Questions
  • Practice Papers (2 Solved 3 Unsolved)

English Core Pull-out Worksheets:

  • This book is in the form of worksheets wherein appropriate writing space has been provided to each question. It contains
  • Section-wise Introductions / Summary
  • Section-wise Assignments
  • (Practice, HOTS and Value-based Questions)
  • Novels a (A) The Canterville Ghost (B) Up from Slavery
  • Assessment of Speaking and Listening (ASL) Skills
  • Integrated Assignments
  • Answers to all the questions are given in a separate booklet which can be purchased with the book itself.
  • Examination Papers
  • Latest examination paper can be viewed by scanning the QR code given on the title page of the book. The same can also be viewed on
  • Seedhi Baat- It allows a user to send us their queries at editorial@rachnasagar in which will be answered within 48 working hours via mail.

Lab Manuals & Practical Manual of followings:
Biology | Physics | Chemistry | Physical Education

CBSE Lab Manual Biology for Class 12 has been written in accordance with the new syllabus prescribed. This book is a product of author’s experiences in teaching Class 11, over the years. It has been written in a simple and easy language with brief information about:

  • Theoretical aspects of experiments to equip the students with basic knowledge and sufficient information about practical.
  • Well labeled diagrams.
  • Viva Voce questions to help the students in practical examination.
  • Alternative methods of procedures have been given for various experiments to suit the needs and availability of materials and thus the experiments can be performed in the simplest possible way.
  • Investigatory Projects at the end have been given to choose from while preparing project records. This book will help and guide the students in performing the practical but also create interest in the subject so that they will be inspired to probe further into the vast fields of Biology.
  • Separate practical manuals available of Biology.

CBSE Lab Manual Physics for Class 12 Learning physics is not merely gaining of knowledge about facts and principles rather it is the science wherein you search for scientific truth by verifying the facts through ‘learning by doing’.

The content of this book is strictly based upon the latest syllabi prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE), New Delhi and State Boards of Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Bihar, Jharkhand, Kerala, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Uttarakhand and other states following the CBSE curriculum. The study of science in general, and that of physics, in particular can be fruitful if the student performs experiments/activities and investigatory projects. It is just like a swimmer who has learnt swimming only after entering into water and not by a trainer or expert.

Similarly, in physics, theory only predicts but experiment decides. Hence, experimental work occupies a key position in a scheme of scientific study due to which the student learns

– how to devise experiments

– how to work on their own

– how to rectify mistakes

– how to enjoy

Success of learning Keeping in mind the aim of practical work in school, this project is taken up to achieve the following objectives:

of scientific knowledge by giving insight into scientific method and develop expertise in using it. The salient features of the lab manual are: The course is presented in a simple language and comprises of

(i) Laboratory experiments, (ii) Activities, (iii) NCERT Lab Manual questions, (iv) Investigatory projects, and (v) Thought-provoking Viva voce.

Before starting an experiment, ‘What You Should Know’ is presented under the heading ‘Prerequisites’’.

  • Steps are given in a systematic way to perform an experiment.
  • Self-explanatory observation tables help students to record observations in an orderly and scientific manner.
  • To help perform an experiment logically ‘What to Take Care of ’, and ‘Why the Error can Creep in the Result’

are given at the end of each experiment/activity/investigatory project under the headings ‘Precautions’ and Sources of Error’ respectively.

  • To assess the student’s understanding of the concept related to a particular experiment/activity performed, a large number of thought-provoking oral questions with answers are presented in a lively manner separately.
  • The investigatory projects suggested by CBSE are given. The teachers may design more projects related to the concepts taught at this level.
  • Separate practical manuals available of Physics.

Lab Manual Chemistry for Class 12 One major part of doing lab experiments in conjunction with Chemistry text book is to try to give visual representations of what students are learning in their classrooms. Experimentation enables them expand their scientific experiences and understand that the concepts of Chemistry they are learning are real things and not just ideas in their books. This manual is designed according to the new syllabus prescribed by Central Board of Secondary Education(CBSE). A genuine effort has been made to keep its presentation appealing and easy to understand. You would like referring the book because of

  • Its rich content described in simple language.
  • Colourful and well labeled illustrations, as a visual aid to enhance the understanding of the technique.
  • Brief but valuable theoretical background for each experiment.
  • Tabular representation of data/observations required for the recording of the experiment.
  • A large number of questions at the end of each section to assist students to prepare for viva.
  • Precautions, assisting notes or suggestions provided to help students enjoy the experiments.
  • Sample solutions provided especially in volumetric and salt analysis that enables students to record the experiment flawlessly.
  • Separate practical manuals available of Chemistry.

Lab Manual Physical Education for Class 12

  • 100% information has been covered.
  • The Manual provides a solid foundation for concepts, skills, points to remember, basic latest rules, latest viva questions along with the action photographs to the students.
  • Proper steps and sequence have been followed for all the topics for better understanding of facts, such as : (a) Introduction of the game/sport, (b) Basic/General rules, (c) Latest changes in rules, (d) Terminologies of game/sport, (e) Fundamental Skills and (f) Specifications.
  • National Sports awards winners till date have been mentioned/listed in a proper manner.
  • Athletics Records, such as, World Records (Men & Women), National Records (Men & Women) and Olympic Games Records (Men & Women) have been mentioned in the book.
  • Separate information about National and International level tournaments is very informative for students.
  • Important Indian sports personalities, who have excelled in their particular field, have been given importance.
  • A student can face the internal examiner with confidence at the time of the final Exam. It covers the latest and general questions and answers which no other practical book has emphasized till now.
  • The Manual includes exhaustive viva voce questions.
  • In this lab manual, under the heading ‘Health and Fitness Activities’ following activities are given: Medicine Ball / Thera Tube / Pilates / Rope Skipping.
  • This book can help students to measure his/her BMI through Graphical Representation of Data.
  • Separate practical manuals available of Physical Education.

Lab Practical of followings: Biology | Chemistry | Physics

Notebook pages have been included in the book itself for the convenience of the students.

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills (ASL):

  • Introduction to Listening and Speaking
  • CBSE Sample Listening Assignments with Audio Script
  • CBSE Sample Speaking Assignment
  • Practice Listening Assignments with Audio Script and Answer Key
  • Practice Speaking Assignments with Value Points

Be A Genius for Various Olympiads Competitive Examinations (General Knowledge) :

Be a Genius has been designed with the aim of improving student's creative thinking, decision-making, critical thinking, problem-solving and communicative skills. The ability to apply basic concepts to solve application-based problems in Mathematics and Science, master the Language and to comprehend and analyze the written text are the skills that guarantee success in higher studies and professional growth. An attempt has been made to weave life skills in the contents that will enhance the overall personality of children and assist them in acquiring high-order thinking skills (HOTS) such as problem-solving and decision-making.

The book will help the students to understand arithmetic problems, think logically in the form of relationships, analogies, language items and directions. These will also help in identifying and analyzing patterns, drawing the inference and developing communicative skills.

We also have Digital Support such as ebooks , Interactive ebooks, Audio-video Animations etc. that are student-friendly.

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