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Together With CBSE Hindi B Previous 10+ Years Question Bank for Class 10


Rachna Sagar


Author : Rachna Sagar Expert Panel

Language : Hindi

ISBN : 9789389173451

Size : 2.3 MB

Page Length : 256

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Speed is very important in the Hindi exam as most students are not used to write this language every day and do not have a good speed in writing this language paper. Thus, Hindi requires very good practice to score good marks in CBSE board exams. This book covers chapter-wise Hindi's previous year question paper of class 10 with answers. 
This CBSE board PYQ bank has been designed as an indispensable tool for prospective students intending to appear for the CBSE Board Examination in 2020, and onwards. The answers given in this CBSE board PYQ bank are absolutely authentic, written in accordance with the directives in the marking scheme, as suggested by the CBSE. 
The aim of these previous year question papers for class 10 is to familiarize students with the pattern and techniques of solving answers for the board examination. This book has been worked on by our team of experienced teachers/authors. Our experts have devised the answers to help users gain ease and confidence, by acquiring the requisite norms for solving question papers at the Board level. We assure you that if you would give a good practice to the PYQs given in this book, you would score very well in the board exams.
    Part 1 of the compilation contains chapter-wise questions and solutions of previous years’ papers set by the CBSE, barring those questions that have become redundant with the changes in syllabi over the years. 
    Part 2 is a full-fledged Mock Paper as a means of final cross-checking of one’s preparation. Answers to it can be sourced from our website www.gowebrachnasagar.com  
Key Features
    Questions have been arranged both year-wise and mark-wise for Hindi's previous year question paper of class 10. 
    Complete care has been taken to include all the questions asked in the Board papers.
    The effort has been made on the presentation of the answers of this question bank, which is exactly as per the marking scheme suggested by the CBSE.
    This previous year question papers for class 10 compilation gives adequate practice to students in tackling the Board examination in 2020, with confidence. 
    Answers to the region-wise question papers are given in this question bank. 

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