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CBSE Science Sample Papers for Class 10th (2020 Board Examination)


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Binding : Paperback

Author : Ms Mamta Kakkar

Language : English

ISBN : 9789389481068

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Science is a very interesting and career-oriented subject. All you need is to give it a good practice through some reliable writing material. 
The EAD 15+1 CBSE science sample paper for class 10is a step-by-step educational material, for preparing the students for the CBSE Board Examination.
This 2020 exam sample paper has been designed to assist the students to appear in the Board Examination, with the right practice and approach to the pattern of questions, as asked by the CBSE. In accordance with this aim, the sample paper matter has been arranged as complete papers, with three levels of difficulty: 
    Easy
    Average
    Difficult
This CBSE board sample paper science is the perfect platform for all students as it simplifies the next level problem of getting the best guiding material for class 10.
The Rationale—Main Idea
The students are advised to attempt the EASY2020 exam sample paper set first and get more than 80% marks. Then, they will be given the next set of papers, which is the AVERAGEscience sample paper for Class 10. If a student obtains 75% marks, he/she can move on to the next category, which is DIFFICULT.
It is assumed that a student will obtain the best result if he/she gets 70% marks in the DIFFICULT category of this science sample paper.
    Our CBSE board sample paper science are based on the latest syllabus prescribed by CBSE. 
    The questions in these sample papers are based on most of the important topics from the syllabus. 
    These science papers give an insight into the marking scheme for students of Class 10, eventually building up their self-confidence in the board exams. 
    Practicing this set of sample papers will minimize the scope of attempting wrong answers in CBSE board exams. 
Hence, repetitive practice of this Class 10 sample paper will give dream results to all students—a result that a student usually looks for, in the CBSE Board Examination.

The EAD CBSE class 10 sample paper study material guide has been prepared by an expert panel comprising proficient and well-experienced teachers, tabulators, and examiners. With deep research on the subject and excellent knowledge, these skilled professionals have jointly provided a student-friendly approach to this CBSE science sample paper.
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