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  • Mathematics CBSE Pariksha Pre Board Papers for Class 12 (Examination 2020) Mathematics CBSE Pariksha Pre Board Papers for Class 12 (Examination 2020)
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Mathematics CBSE Pariksha Pre Board Papers for Class 12 (Examination 2020)


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Binding : Loose Leaf

Author : Rachna Sagar Expert Panel

Language : English

ISBN : 9789389481754

Weight : 0.150 kg

What is CBSE Pariksha 2020?

We are pleased to inform you that as usual, this year too, we have launched pre-board examination papers, i.e. “CBSE PARIKSHA” for the students of classes X and XII appearing in CBSE Examination for 2020. The Pariksha has been designed keeping in mind the Time Management Skills and the concept of Easy, Average and Difficult level of questions as proposed by the CBSE. The paper is truly based on the new design of the question paper as suggested by the CBSE. The CBSE Pariksha has been designed by renowned teachers/authors in order that the objectives of the prescribed syllabus are achieved. These cover all lessons, typology of questions according to a systematic plan and will be the best help for the students to face the main examination successfully and better the scores easily, reaching the achievable levels and revising the previously learnt theory and facts. We will provide these question papers along with writing sheets. The answer sheet is the replica of the answer sheet which you will get in Board Exams. Please fill in the OMR sheet properly so as to get the result.

Steps to Writing CBSE Pariksha 2020

1. Please make sure that the packet is sealed when you buy it from the market. 
2. You will get three different question papers along with one Answer sheet. Attempt any one of the sets of question paper on the answer sheet provided with. Attach complimentary sheets, graphs etc. , if any, properly.
3. After attempting the question paper, send your unchecked answer sheet to the corporate office latest by January 10, 2020. The answer sheet will be evaluated by our subject experts.

Evaluation Process of CBSE Pariksha 2020

1. The marks scored by you will be uploaded on gowebrachnasagar.com on January 31, 2020.
2. Answers/Solutions to CBSE Pariksha 2020 will be uploaded on gowebrachnasagar.com on January 12, 2020.
3. In NO case the checked answer-book will be returned or shown to the students. We believe that our expert panel will do the marking to the fullest.
4. However, if we receive the answer sheets after the due date, the same will not be entertained.


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