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Together with Exploring Mathematics for Class 1


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Binding : Paperback

Author : Mrs N.M Parti and Mrs Richa D. Bhatia

Language : English

ISBN : 9788181372208

Weight : 0.340 kg

  1. “Let’s Rewind” lessons have been carefully graded with exercises at the beginning of each unit to bridge the gap between one grade to the next and master skills already learned.
  2. “Fast Forward” exercises at the end have been provided to give students enough practice and drill for a thorough understanding of the concept and to find out their level of proficiency.
  3. A Decoder is given with the exercises. Students can match their answers with the answer given in the Decoder and fill the blanks by writing the letter given against the answer.
  4. Mental Maths: “Ability” at the end of each chapter checks the understanding capacity of learners.
  5. “Activity” to provide a variety of experiences to children and to sharpen their observational skills. An interesting activity has been provided with each concept.
  6. “Creative Avenues” helps develop creativity in the children, ample pattern exercises have been introduced.
  7. “Maths Lab Activities” under formative assessment has been provided to explore and
    improve the child’s memory potential and to utilize the rich and varied opportunities available outside a classroom situation.
  8. “Sharpen Your Skills”: To develop competence in the children and to help them master
    competitive exams in the future and to ensure a high degree of educational attainment,
    interesting and challenging problems have been listed under the heading ‘Sharpen Your Skills’.
  9. Answers to all the exercises, especially Graph questions, have been given at the end of the book.

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