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Together With Expressions English Work Book for Class 6


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Rachna Sagar


Binding : Paperback

Author : Rachna Sagar Expert Panel

Language : English

ISBN : 9788181374493

Weight : 0.300 kg

  1. The series covers summative and formative activities as per the guidelines set by the CBSE.
  2. The units of the Multiskill Coursebook have been divided into following sections :
  3. Let’s Get Going : Introductory and warming–up part of a unit related to the theme.
    Read and Rejoice/Rhythm Corner : Contains selected pieces of prose and poetry. This section
    encourages silent reading within a time limit.
    About the Poet and the Poem : Accompanies every poem in the unit. This section speaks both
    bout the writer and the poem which is going to be encountered next.
    Quest Buzz : This segment is based on factual, inferential and interpretive comprehension.
    Watchword : Encourages to explore broader significance of words to enhance vocabulary
    Dictionary Focus : Encourages using dictionary to check word meanings and spelling. This
    section also includes various vocabulary–based exercises.
    Grammar Link : It contains both grammatical concepts and questions.
    Write–a–While : Encourages students to communicate effectively through various contextual
    written pieces, such as extended text, speech delivery, poster designing, slogan writing,
    preparing book reviews, etc.
    Talk–a–While : Encourages the learners to interact with one another in English to enhance
    communication skills. The section covers various classroom–interaction modes such as pair
    work, individual, group work etc.
    Listen and Respond : It is based on constructive approach towards the teaching and learning of
    listening skills. Listening activities include- completing a text, understanding the main idea in the
    text, listening to the information.
    Fast Learner’s Corner : Encourages self–learning by exploring and extensive reading.
    Pronunciation Drill : Aims at improving correct pronunciation, constructive skills, etc. whereby
    enriching vocabulary treasure.

  4. Educational Manipulatives such as stickers, wheels, colourful charts, etc., given at the end of
    the book, provide an insight into the interesting and attractive methodology of teaching and learning.
  5. Listening texts for the teachers are supplied at the end of each book.
  6. Value–based topics like preserving historical monuments are incorporated in exercises.
  7. The series is ornamented with an Audio–visual CD with Main Coursebook providing a helping hand
    to the readers.
  8. English Teachers' Resource Manual
    • It also contains an exhaustive answer–key to the exercises and tasks in the book.

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