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Forever with Social Science for Class 6


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Binding : Paperback

Author : Ms Shakuntala Ghosh, Ms. Anju Budhiraja,Ms Nivedit

Language : English

ISBN : 9789388323161

Weight : 0.600 kg

Forever with Social Science for class 6
Nurturing each childs initiative and enthusiasm is the prime purpose of teaching process. Keeping this in mind, teachers have to treat children as participants in learning and not just passive receivers of a predetermined dose of knowledge.
This book is a small but an important step to make the process of learning of social science more effective and enjoyable covering all the guidelines, this book is in complete sync with the evolving CBSE and NCERT syllabus.
Salient features of the book:
Simple and easy language.
Relevant maps, diagrams and pictures.
Insight, key questions, Do you know, and value added question to broaden the horizon of learning and understanding.
Lets find out activity to learn with fun.
People who made the difference at the end of each chapter.
Revision flow charts to help students to learn and revise the lesson quickly.
Practice session are divided into two parts:
(1) Exercises : comprises of objective type question, I.e Multiple choice type. (question form, incomplete statement), Matching type (single, double, Matrix, fill in the blanks), Alternative Response Type (True/False, Right/ Wrong, yes/No), Very short,short and long Answer Type Questions.
(2) Activity Corner : Comprises of Field Trip, Debate, Model Making Project, Seminar, Group
Discussion, Think and tell. Find out survey, chart making, Assignments that help students to focus on thinking skills and move beyond rote learning.


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