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Honeycomb English NCERT Workbook cum Practice Material for Class 7


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Binding : Paperback

Author : Urmil Gagroo,Rashmi Dua,Nidhi Taneja

Language : English

ISBN : 9789387320499

Weight : 0.400

NCERT Workbook-cum-Practice Material for Class 7 Honeycomb English is conforming strictly to the NCERT syllabus are not merely workbooks; they are a new approach to learning that goes beyond the two dimensional limitation of paper by creating innovative practice material whereby teachers can be empowered to teach, in a creative and learner-friendly way. This new approach presents itself as student-friendly corpus allowing for better participation by students in their own learning process and at their own pace. All material has been presented in short, logically organized and graded modules. These move a student from simple to more complex levels of understanding. The series lends a holistic approach to master language proficiency providing various stimulating situations with a number of skills in conjunction with a variety of cognitive abilities used together. The workbooks are broadly divided into four main sections. Literature Workbook—All the lessons in the workbook are linked to lessons in the course books. The short comprehension pieces have a recall value of the students’ understanding and appreciation of the beliefs, attitudes and ideological perspectives depicted through them. Each unit follows an organised structure comprising the sub-units—About the Chapter, Understanding the Chapter, For Better Understanding, Grammar Skills, Word Building and Writing Skills. These are in keeping with the learner’s interests, needs and environment. Exercises given in the poems and the Literary Devices enrich the child’s sensibilities towards appreciating the richness of language, rhythm and imagery. Writing Skills is specially designed for the development of the skill required for communicative and creative writing. Most of the writing activities are accompanied with visual inputs or rules to give the learner ample scope to apply his/her mind to become a creative writer. Supplementary Reader—This section contains graded questions based on the lessons in the Literature Readers to further strengthen the cognitive skills and provide learners with a valuable and enjoyable literary experience. Grammar Worksheets—In preparing the worksheets care has been taken to ensure that the learners grasp grammatical nuances with ease. There is comprehensive coverage of all grammatical items with definitions, (in the box) examples and exercises. Reading Comprehension Passages—The passages and the exercises given in this section build the comprehension skills and the vocabulary of the learner which is tantamount to understanding the passage. Standards in communication can only be raised when the students are assessed in all the skills of the language. For the children, to be proficient in the important sub-skills of language i.e., listening and speaking, three Subject Enrichment Activities have also been incorporated into each series. Every effort has been made by the author to keep the series as error-free as possible. It is ardently hoped that the workbooks are received well by the students, teachers and parents and any suggestion for its future improvement will always be welcome.

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