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Math Magic NCERT Workbook cum Practice Material for Class 2


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Author : Divy Bansal

Language : English

ISBN : 9789387320604

Size : 22.8 MB

Page Length : 124

Text to speech in English: Yes

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  • NCERT Workbook cum Practice Material for Class 2 Math Magic
  • Mathematics is all around us and children experience it in and outside the classroom every day. But there are many new ideas about teaching and learning mathematics that we are not aware of. The information given in this book is targeted for the children of first grade to fifth grade. Learning about the geometrical shapes in the first grade to classifying them in fifth grade. Math-Magic Workbook-cum-Practice Material are completely designed and are based on mathematical concepts given in Math-magic textbooks for grade 2 issued by NCERT.
  • Salient Features
  • Remember– To help the learners to recall the concepts quickly.
  • The workbook strictly follows the guidelines issued by NCERT and it has been prepared according to National Curriculum Framework 2005.
  • The book covers each and every fact of mathematics at primary level.
  • Different types of questions such as Fill in the Blanks True/False Match the columns MCQs Word Problems and ColourDraw the pictures are included.
  • Numerous questions given in each chapter are related to day-to-day life.
  • These workbooks provide specially designed exercises to develop thinking and analytical skills Space for writing solutions is provided for each question. I would welcome comments and suggestions to further improve the content of the book.

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