Happy Learning Pull Out Worksheets for Classes kindergarten 1- 8 of all subjects

Together With Happy Learning CBSE NCERT Pull Out Worksheets of all subjects for classes kindergarten & 1-8, English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Mathematics, Science, Social Science & Environmental Studies, Children are participants in learning and not just passive of a predetermined dose of knowledge. Keeping this view at the centre, all the series has been structured to meet the requirement of students. The contents are based on all state board, CBSE,ICSE, NCERT. The series provides a holistic approach and reflect the ethical, logical and applied aspects of this subject in our everyday life.

Thus, the series helps to in creative thinking in the young learning.

Objectives of Pull out Worksheets    “Let’s Enjoy the Learning”

  • Engage the students in thorough reading of the chapter while working on worksheets.
  • Inculcate the habit of self evaluation among students while preparing their chapters.
  • Equip the students to take on a channelized way to explore knowledge, i.e. Easy to Difficult, Simple to complex and so on.
Happy Learning NCERT Pull Out Worksheets for Classes kindergarten 1- 8 of all subjects

Salient features of Pull out Worksheets

  • Covers the three domains of learning cognitive (knowledge), psychomotor (skills) and affective (attitudes).
  • Each topics is divided into four worksheets namely;
  • Engage: provide easy question to involve the students in the teaching process.
    Explore: excites the students to look for alternatives and solution before him/her.
    Extend: enlarges the scope and extant of the students’ knowledge base, in accordance with the surroundings.
    Elaborate: tries to bring in a new idea on the subjects matter by asking innovative and application based questions.

The general formatting of these worksheets is categorized in the following ways: Objective types questions, i.e.

  • Alternative Response Types (True/False, Right/Wrong, Yes/No),
  • Matching Types,
  • Fill in the blanks,
  • Multiple Choice Type Question,
  • Puzzles, One Word Answer,
  • Picture Based Question and Subjective Questions

It includes the questions related to the surrounding of the students. The perforation of the worksheets has been done for the convenience of teachers and students.

This series contains:

Subject Class
Hindi pull-out Worksheets Kindergarten(A,B,C) & 1-8
English pull-out Worksheets Kindergarten(A,B,C) & 1-8
Mathematics pull-out Worksheets Kindergarten(A,B,C) & 1-8
Environmental Studies pull-out Worksheets Kindergarten(A,B,C) & 1-5
Science pull-out Worksheets 1-8
Social Science pull-out Worksheets 1-8
Sanskrit pull-out Worksheets 1-8

Note: Perforated worksheets can be pulled out and kept in the envelope provided.

Free Teacher’s Kit

  • Teacher’s resource manual
  • Motivational Stickers
  • Classroom Charts
  • Subject Charts
TG: Teachers can generate multiple test papers.

We also have Digital Support such as ebooks , Interactive ebooks, Audio-video Animations etc. that are student-friendly.

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