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Together With Exploring Art & Activity for Class 1


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Rachna Sagar


Binding : Paperback

Author : Seema Gupta

Language : English

ISBN : 9788181372529

Weight : 0.400 kg

  1. A large variety of activities, like Clay Modeling, Origami, Tear & Paste, Games, etc., has made this series immensely interesting.
  2. Children need not purchase anything for doing an activity. Maximum material has been
  3. provided. A few things needed are not provided. You may search for them in your own house.
  4. Three separate sections: Creative coloring, Creative coloring activity and Explore more to
  5. develop the aesthetic skills of a child.
  6. Flaps: Steps to perform an activity are given on the flap itself for better hand and eye coordination of the child (P. 28, 29 - Book 1).
  7. Advanced origami activities along with innovative material like a felt sheet, etc. are provided to teach basic concepts in an innovative way (P. 34 - Book 1).
  8. Little G.K. corner to test the awareness of the children regarding the things in general (P. 20 - Book 1).
  9. Self–assessment has been made interactive by the means of some games so that a child can evaluate himself/herself without being tensed or worried (P. 41 - Book 2).
  10. Project-based work, like making a model develops kinesthetic skills of children (P. 36 - Book 1 to 5).
  11. Detachable Self–assessment sheets based on the three sections of the book facilitates the evaluation of the students in an organized manner (P. 37–42 - Book 1 to 5).
  12. Exhaustive material kit in the book, as well as in a separate pouch, makes the book a
  13. complete learning package.
  14. Enlarged size aids fine motor movement for easy working.

Features of CD :

• Video activities: Stepwise instructions to undertake an activity

• Do it yourself with sub-activities: To inculcate creative skills

• Game: To teach in a play-way method

• Model Making: Project-based work in an interactive mode

• Self–Assessments: To keep a check on the progress of a child

• View More: Additional activities as an added bonanza


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