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Event Name - Joy of teaching
Place - V R Public School, Islam Nagar (Chandausi)
Date - 2019-11-05 To 2019-11-05

Rachna Sagar Pvt. Ltd. (India’s leading and best seller Educational Publisher) has organized a motivational workshop on the topic of “Joy of teaching” at V R Public School, Islam Nagar (Chandausi) on 5th Nov 2019 by Ms. Priyadarshini Sharma. The workshop began by describing the evolution of the role of a teacher, from being lecturer to facilitator, coach, and mentor - in fact now the teacher is responsible for the holistic development of students. Earlier, the content was teacher-centric but now it is student-driven. The content and context are now set in accordance with student needs. Since a new generation takes over the schools, it is necessary to understand how to motivate younger individuals and increase the efficiency of learning.

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