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Together With Peek a boo EVS Magic A for Class Nursery


Rachna Sagar


Author : Meera Balachandran

Language : English

ISBN : 9789388537728

Size : 27.7 MB

Page Length : 101

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  1. Together With Peek a boo Environmental Studies Magic A for Preprimary LKG Book with the global environmental phenomena becoming a common human concern, educational planners at both national and regional levels in India, have strongly advocated the policy of integrating environmental awareness at the beginners level in the curriculum.

  2. The current edition of the Peek-a-boo EVS Magic A thus provides a well-researched framework for presenting an inclusive and realistic curriculum which has been arrived at, after much deliberation. To this end, the structured blueprint of this series taps into a varied base of resource material familiar to the child. The contents are thereafter developed by identifying a familiar, easy-to-grasp approach to presentation, using a play-way methodology, so that the learning process is kept buoyant and cheerful within the child-users environment. The vast gamut of exercises and fun drills that are peppered throughout the series, follow a systematic and scientific route.

  3. This approach is deliberately fine-tuned to awaken curiosity in the user, hone his/her observation capacities, to tap practicum for contextual use. These offerings give the end-user a heightened curiosity about his/her surroundings, a sensitivity about the need for protecting it, and an inborn pride in being armed with the wherewithal to protect its delicate ecology.

  4. The Together With Peek a boo Environmental Studies Magic A for Preprimary LKG Book contents of the series have been arranged along thematic lines, coursing from the familiar to the challenging and perceptive.

  5. • The introductory presentation of each theme is pictorialized with a centre spread placement in the book so as to provide greater visual impact and facilitate cognitive connectivity with the user.
    • Reinforcement of each theme with sub-thematic structures using key words encourages vocabulary and content build-up.
    • Corresponding activities centred around every theme, with age-appropriate challenges uphold learners interest and maximize participation in the ongoing learning process.
    • Pictorial inclusions with speaking roles for animal characters keep learner interest buoyant and establish a conversational basis for interaction.
    • Scope for self-expression with colouring exercises enhance motor skills and boost the selfesteem of learners.
    • Real-life based sticker activities build concentration, enjoy self-satisfaction and provide a basis of linking classroom learning with the learner’s environment.
    • Rounding up of each theme with a Question Corner provides scope for further amplification of the contents.

  6. Every attempt has been made to keep the Together With Peek a boo Environmental Studies Magic A book for Preprimary LKG Book as error-free as possible.
    The content of Relevant suggestions for further improvement of the series are always welcome. The contents of this Environmental Studies book awake in the child an awareness of connectivity between his/her inner self and the outer world, making him/her feel a responsible and committed citizen even at a tender age.

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