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Together with Be An Artist for Class 4


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Rachna Sagar


Binding : Paperback

Author : Rachna Sagar Expert Panel

Language : English

ISBN : 9789388323857

Weight : 0.390 kg

  1. The expert team has designed the self-doing activities that lead
    children to the wonder world of art and creativity.
  2. The book contains a Fun project- Art Celebration- with the material
    kit, which is a summary of the activities done by the child throughout
    the year. The child can paste this project on a thermocol sheet and
    display it in the classroom.
  3. It includes various colouring techniques based on vast classroom
    experience and institutional research done by art faculty.
  4. The book provides the usage of white crayons, white pencil colours and
    white poster colours, which is generally overlooked. The other new
    thing introduced here is step-by-step art learning, joining dots, tracing,
    drawing lines, assembling, geometrical figures, etc.
  5. Numerous magical animation, 3D activities and different art material of
    child's interest will take him/her to unbelievable journey of imagination
    which is the essence of art.
  6. We have avoided giving activities based on food wastage like lady
    finger printing, dal pasting, tea leaves pasting and vegetable block
  7. You will find that colouring work in some figures is guided by the outline
    drawn in each figure with the same colour, making it easier for the
    children to fill the colours in the space provided. Later, in other figures
    we want your imagination to be enhanced and thus, you can fill the
    colour of your choice.
  8. A large variety of activities, like easy-to-draw, Clay Modeling, Origami,
    Tear and Paste, Games, etc. has made this series immensely
  9. While you learn to colour, you also would know some amazing facts
    about the figure, thus giving a chance to enhance your general
  10. We have provided maximum material. So there is no need to purchase
    anything for doing an activity.
  11. Various Indian artforms have also been introduced in order to make
    the child interest towards Indian artforms.
  12. CD and Web Support
    Features of CD -
    • Learning Activities
    • Fun with Art
    • Do it Yourself
    • Features of Web Support-(Click on-
    • Learning Activities
    • Fun with Art
    • Do it Yourself

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