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Together With Peek a boo Math Magic A for Nursery


Rachna Sagar


Author : Meera Balachandran

Language : English

ISBN : 9789387532137

Size : 21.2 MB

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Text to speech in English: Yes

Supported Device: Android Phone / Android Tab

  1. Together With Peek-a-boo Math Magic A for Pre-Primary Nursery Book strictly conforms to the vision and meets the requirement of the beginners for learning mathematics. This creates a environment which makes it possible for the learners to enjoy Maths. In Peek-a-boo, the elementary concepts of mathematics such as lines, curved lines, pre number concepts through colouring and sticker pasting, counting, reading, tracing and writing numbers and number order are introduced to the beginners through well graded and beautiful activities. The sequence of the concepts has been developed with a sense and are logical. Space for writing is greatly emphasised.
  2. Together With Peek-a-boo Math Magic A for Pre-Primary Nursery Book is designed with beautiful and existing activities, which helps to develop the problem solving, reasoning and numerical skill of the children. Each page is featured with highly visualised activities of number skill which gives children a confidence in learning mathematics. This book makes the learning of mathematics effective, purposeful and joyful both for learners and teachers.

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