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Together With Peek a boo English Magic Rhyme Book A for Nursery


Rachna Sagar


Author : Meera Balachandran

Language : English

ISBN : 9789387532106

Size : 87.9 MB

Page Length : 41

Text to speech in English: Yes

Supported Device: Android Phone / Android Tab

  1. Together With Peek-a-boo English Magic Rhyme Book A for Pre-Primary Nursery the children studying in Pre-Primary Classes is designed to familiarise them to the rhythm and melody of English rhymes and much more through activities. It caters to the multiple intelligences of pre-primary (Nursery, LKG and UKG) learners. The continuous practice in the rhyme books will help children remember thing in the classroom for a long time as rhyming helps children take note of the sounds within words.
  2. The series is child – friendly and child-centric that follows a fun-filled play way approach. The premise behind creating such fun books is that children cannot be made to learn unless an environment is created for learning to happen, The books include of playful activities and forms of visual exercises that excite the children and capture his/her interest.
  3. Its salient features Together With Peek-a-boo English Magic Rhyme Book A for Pre-Primary Nursery are: Along with these Books, CD,Websupport Flip Book,Augmented Reality have also been provided.
  4. Features of CD:
     Content
     Animation
     Exercises
     Activities
     Vocabulary
     Rhymes and stories
     Jokes
     Video
     Life Skills
  5. The series, set of complete rhyme books is packed with content, activities and technique to generate the learner’s interest in English language right from the early years of childhood.
  6. We have tried to adopt a holistic approach and hope that the series will serve the purpose that is meant for. Suggestions of any kind for the improvement are always welcome !

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