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Social Science NCERT Workbook cum Practice Material for Class 6


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Binding : Paperback

Author : Seema Awasthi

Language : English

ISBN : 9789387320758

Weight : 0.550 kg

NCERT Workbook cum Practice Material for Class 6 Social Science has been prepared with the aim of making the contents a participatory activity between teacher and taught, thereby making the process of learning more effective and enjoyable. The contents have been structured to provide a balanced ratio of instructional content, appropriate learning activities and effective assessment tools, collated as components of the book. The book is sub-divided into designated chapters on Indian history, geography and social and political life. The text has also been prepared keeping in mind the guidelines laid down by NCERT and the syllabus prepared for it by CBSE. The series concentrates on quality assessment and evaluation procedures, which are attainable yet challenging. The Social Science NCERT Workbook Cum Practice Material includes: 1. Chapter at a Glance: Each chapter starts with the flowcharts. Students will have a snapshot of the whole chapter by reading these flowcharts. 2. Each chapter has two broad sections– (a) Topic wise Questions (b) Let’s Revise. (a) Topicwise Question – Under this section, questions are framed from each and every topic of a chapter in a sequence. (b) Let’s Revise – Under this section, questions are given in random manner from the whole chapter. 3. Objective type Questions: ● Multiple Choice Question ● Fill in the blanks ● True or False ● Match the columns ● Give one word 4. Subjective/Descriptive Questions: ● Very Short Answer Questions ● Short Answer Questions ● Long Answer Questions 5. Map-Based Questions: Political and physical maps of India are given at the back of the chapters wherever required to develop identification and locating and labelling skills of the students. 6. Source-Based Questions: In this section questions are based on the story, poem or article given as a reference in chapters. 7. Crossword/Puzzle Activity: Under this activity student will answer the questions by solving crossword or puzzle. The activity will strengthen the mental ability of the students. 8. Picture Based Questions: These questions are based on logical reasoning and analytical thinking. The images or pictures are taken from the chapters of NCERT Book. Short Questions based on the images/posters are given in this section. 9. Diagram Based Activity: In this section students are asked to label the given diagrams. In some questions flowcharts are given in which students will have to fill the content and complete the flow charts. These questions are given to make the students understand the concepts more easily and with more clarity. 10. There is a mixed variety of questions. All levels of questions are being covered in each chapter, i.e. Very Easy, Easy, Difficult and Analytical Questions. The learner thus references his /her answers from several reference points, such as in-depth assimilation of textual matter, recall opportunities, chronological presentation of the content, crossword and other skill-based techniques, among others. Care has been taken to introduce quality evaluation procedures emanating from this varied rubric so that every assignment becomes attainable yet challenging for the child-user. All the above segments provide ample scope for writing, thereby improving the vocabulary, giving students a platform to justify their answers and provide teachers a modality for getting feedback on their lesson.

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