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Together With Synergy Semester 2 for Class 1


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Rachna Sagar


Binding : Paperback

Author : N. Jaganathan, Seema Jerath, Mrs. Neeru Madhuri Pa

Language : English

ISBN : 9788181377302

Weight : 0.615 kg

  1. Based on Multiple Intelligence Skills.
  2. The following are the subject division of different classes:
  3. • LKG and UKG—English, Mathematics, EVS and Drawing
    • 1 and 2—English, Mathematics, EVS, and GK & Life Skills
    • 3 to 5—English, Mathematics, Social Science, Science, and Gk & Life Skills
  4. A systematic approach to teach young learners and honor their individual needs and
  5. Inclusion of interactive activities in each subject to foster the multiple–intelligence of a child helping in all-round development.
  6. Attractive visuals to develop aesthetics among the children.
  7. An integrated and thematic approach that promotes holistic learning and arouses curiosity.
  8. Ample opportunities to prompt a child's engagement in the teaching-learning process.
  9. Stress on pseudo–production employing rhymes, stories, and other activities before moving on to true production, i.e. writing.
  10. Teaching writing by tracing to facilitate a smooth transition from learning the mechanics of handwriting to writing in all the subjects.
  11. Evaluation in the form of 'Now I can do:::' at the end of each subject to assess the learning.
  12. These books are CCE based including questions and exercises for formative and summative assessments in classes 1–5.
  13. Beautifully and thoughtfully prepared Art & Craft section, with easy step–by–step simply
    drawings to bring out the young artist in every child.
  14. All the segments of the book are designed to encourage the multiple intelligence potency of the child. Each section attempts to enhance the cognitive skills of the child which are essential for grooming them whose overview is given in 'At a glance' page.
  15. CD and Web Support
    Features of CD :
  16. • English/Mathematics/ Social Studies/ Science
    • Animated Content • Interactive Exercises • Multidisciplinary Worksheets • TRM
    • Glossary (Social Studies/Science)
    • Creative World — • Activities • Videos
    • Life Skills / GK — • Life Skills • GK Games • TRM
    • Fun World — • Stories • Let's Play
    • FlipBook (eBook)
    Features of Web Support : (Click on—www.gowebrachnasagar.com)
    • Animated Book • Interactive Exercises • Fun world • Creative world • TRM
    • Worksheets • eBook
  17. Teachers' Resource Manual is also available for classes 1–5.
  18. Summative Assessment available (LKG–5).
  19. Synergy Practice Worksheets
  20. • Practice worksheets are provided for extensive subject knowledge.
  21. Augmented Reality—Android Mobile App (Coming Soon...)
  22. • Scan the first image of the chapter and see the animated video.
  23. eBook
  24. • A free eBook is available on our Web Support portal

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