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Together With Physical Education Lab Manual and Practical Manual for Class 11


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Rachna Sagar


Binding : Paperback

Author : Ms. Sureshna Saini

Language : English

ISBN : 9789389481211

Weight : 0.400 kg

  1. 100% information has been covered.
  2. The Manual provides a solid foundation for concepts, skills, points to remember, basic latest
    rules, latest viva questions along with the action photographs to the students.
  3. Proper steps and sequence have been followed for all the topics for better understanding of
    facts, such as : (a) Introduction of the game/sport, (b) Basic/General rules, (c) Latest
    changes in rules, (d) Terminologies of game/sport, (e) Fundamental Skills and
    (f) Specifications.
  4. National Sports awards winners till date have been mentioned/listed in a proper manner.
  5. Athletics Records, such as, World Records (Men & Women), National Records
    (Men & Women) and Olympic Games Records (Men & Women) have been mentioned in
    the book.
  6. Separate information about National and International level tournaments is very informative
    for students.
  7. Important Indian sports personalities, who have excelled in their particular field, have been
    given importance.
  8. A student can face the internal examiner with confidence at the time of the final Exam. It
    covers the latest and general questions and answers which no other practical book has
    emphasized till now.
  9. The Manual includes exhaustive viva voce questions.
  10. In this lab manual, under the heading ‘Health and Fitness Activities’ following activities are
    given: Medicine Ball / Thera Tube / Pilates / Rope Skipping.
  11. This book can help students to measure his/her BMI through Graphical Representation of

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