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Together With English Pullout Worksheets solution for Class 8


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Rachna Sagar


Binding : Paperback

Author : Rachna Sagar Expert Panel

Language : English

ISBN : 9788181372864

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  • Together With English Pullout Worksheets – 8
  • This Book Is designed to assist and equip the students with appropriate practice material for class V. This new course is designed to help them develop the four basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • The whole book has been revised. The next has been presented in Pullout worksheets. These are detatchable. Any topic can be taken out as per the convenience of the students and teachers. Main feature of these pullout worksheets is the adequate space to write answers. The students can write answers in the space given for the purpose and get them evaluated by the teachers.
  • Section A deals with reading skills, the reading section includes factual, literary and discursive passages that have been carefully chosen keeping in mind the syllabus and examination pattern as also the language level of the student.
  • Section B deals with writing skills, the writing section aims to provide competence through adequate practice in writing by encouraging the students to do meaningful compositions. It’s also helps the students to use the skill in their day to day requirements.
  • Section C Deals with grammar with a wide range of exercise, these section is a comprehensive segment the focused on all essential structural items. It lays stress on those items that are to be tested through especially by integrated practice exercises.

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