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Together With English Literature Reader for Class 7


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Rachna Sagar


Binding : Paperback

Author : Rachna Sagar Expert Panel

Language : English

ISBN : 9788181374530

Weight : 0.180 kg

  1. The series offers a preview to various literary genres such as short story, fiction, autobiography, poetry and drama, science, nature, etc.
  2. Each unit has been divided into various sections–
  • Getting Ready/Warm Up: It acts as an appetizer to the chapter. It gives an introductory note that attracts the attention of the learners.
  • Read’ n Enjoy/Read and Rejoice Literary content comprising prose, poetry, novel and drama, jokes, story and parables which pervade our everyday discourse.
  • Glossary/Word Wealth: It provides word-meanings of the difficult terms found in the text.
  • Just for Fun: This segment includes Rhymes, Puzzles, Word Search, Anagrams, Pangrams, Fun Facts about words in English Language, famous quotes and proverbs, Palindromes, Tongue-Twisters, Lyrics, Limerick, Haiku, Dialogue, Poetry, etc.
  • Fast Learner’s Corner/Reading Beyond: It encourages the readers to take a step ahead and widen their horizons by sharpening their exploring skills.
  • Think and Answer/Something to Do: Exercise section in lower classes that provides
  • opportunities and encourages the learners to make connections and draw inferences read
  • critically, organize and structure thoughts and write with a sense of purpose.
  • Profound Study: It contains various exercises based on evaluative, extrapolative
  • comprehension, factual and inferential comprehension and multiple-choice questions in higher classes.
  • Appreciation: This part of the Profound Study encourages to think and write creatively.
  • Towards Enriching Your Vocabulary: It includes fun-filled learning experience encouraging the learners to enrich the vocabulary and understand the difference between contextual and literal meanings of the words and phrases.
  • Towards Figurative Language: It enables the learners to understand and learn different figures of speech and poetic devices used in the text through exercises in higher classes.
  • Towards Working Together: It comprises individual/group work and is based on real-life situations. Constructive Discussions, expressing opinions, healthy conversations are included in the section in higher classes.
  • Browse and Discover: Provides web links to explore and collect more information about a specific topic in higher classes.
  1. Information about well-known authors and poets is given at the end of chapters so that the learners can have a glimpse of the personality’s life in higher classes.
  2. Comic strip-based presentation of reading comprehension texts captures the attention of the learners in an enjoyable reading and heightens the grasping capability of the learners (P. 69 – Book 7).
  3. Some Amazing Facts based on various topics are given suitably (P. 37 – Book 8).
  4. Teachers’ Resource Manual for classes 4 – 8 is also available and it contains an exhaustive answer key to the exercises and tasks in the book.

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