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Together With Expressions English Multiskill Coursebook (MCB) for Class 1


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Rachna Sagar


Binding : Paperback

Author : Seema Jerath

Language : English

ISBN : 9788181378958

Weight : 0.285 kg

  1. The numerous activities in the book are age-appropriate and allow for differentiation to meet
    the needs of different types of learners.
  2. The Thinking Caps on section attempts to stimulate ‘Higher Order Thinking Skills’ in learners.
  3. The Read & Rejoice section strives to make children independent learners and readers, as
    they grow in language proficiency.
  4. Celebrate Life reinforces age-appropriate Life Skills and positive attitude adding to the
    humanized class environment that this series envisions.
  5. Let's Get Going has been given in order to give the students a glance of what they are going to
    study and relate it to their acquired knowledge as well.
  6. Section Word Smart has been given in order to improve the vocabulary of the students.
  7. Listening and Writing skills can be evaluated by using Listen-a-while and Write-a-while
  8. Section Talk-a-while helps the teacher to assess and enhance the speaking skills of the
  9. Play-a-while section contains various activities to let the students learn by playing.
  10. Dictionary Focus has been given in classes 3–5 to enable the students to know the
    importance of dictionary in order to enhance their language skills.
  11. Language Smart comprises different topics of grammar in the form of various questions so as
    to clear the basic concepts of acquiring the language.
  12. New Words have been introduced in class 3 with their meaning in the form of Word Wealth in
    classes 4 and 5.
  13. Section Fast Learner's Corner in classes 4 and 5 has been given in the books for fast
    learners including numerous activities and exercises.
  14. Educational Manipulatives at the end of the book are intended to ensure more engaging
    opportunities for enabling hands-on learning.
  15. The books also include—
    • • ASL Activities • Grammar • Educational Manipulatives
      • Language Lab Activities • Celebrate Life (Life Skills)
  16. A systematic approach to teach young learners and honour their individual needs and
  17. Inclusion of interactive activities in each subject to foster the multiple-intelligence of a child
    helping in an all-round development.
  18. Attractive visuals to develop aesthetics among the children.
  19. Ample opportunities to prompt child's engagement in the teaching-learning process.
  20. It includes phonetic sounds in an easy manner.
  21. Project based activity is provided wherever it is relevant as per the standard in an interesting
    • • Learning is easy when learning is fun. This principle has been applied across the book
      through fun-filled activities.
      • All the exercises cater to the need of Summative and Formative assessment as per the
      CCE guidelines, prescribed by CBSE.
      • These books are accompanied by a TRM, CD and Web Support that contain extra practice
      material to facilitate teaching and learning.
      English Teachers' Resource Manual
      1. Special teachers' edition with resource material for teachers gives them ste

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