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Together with Hindi Vyakran A for Class 10


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Binding : Paperback

Author : Vimal Sharma , Manjulika Ghosh and Sunheri Lal Ver

Language : Hindi

ISBN : 9789389481495

Weight : 0.600 kg

Most Hindi grammar books available on the market do not cater to the needs of the students. Keeping this fact in the view, Rachana Sagar (P) Ltd has published Together with®  Hindi Grammar course ‘A’, class 10th in the series of grammar books. Based on the latest syllabus of the CBSE, this book will help to fullfil the needs of the students.
This book also guides and answers the unanswered questions of the learners. This books deals with grammar topics comprehensively.

•   The book has been divided into four parts: 
(a) Comprehension (Passages/Poems)         (b) Applied Grammar
(c) Oral Skills                                                (d) Writing

•   The flow chart given at the beginning of the chapter presents the chapter at a glance.

•   All the grammar topics prescribed by the CBSE have been explained in detail.

•   In  addition  to  plenty  of  examples,  the  questions  asked  in  previous  years  CBSE  examinations 
have also been included.

•   This book provides comprehension questions which may be helpful for competitive examinations also. The formation of questions has also been changed as per the requirement. Keeping this in view, the questions based on comprehension have been divided into three parts – Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Very Short Answer (VSA) and Short Answer (SA), which will help students to practise properly.
•   The  questions  of  NCERT  Textbooks  (‘Kritika’  and  ‘Kshitij’  –  Part  2)  have  been  included  to 
make grammar topics interesting.

•   In the topic of ‘Oral Skills’ of khand ‘Ga’ the detailed discussion with examples has been done on ‘Listening’ and ‘Speaking’. In this section the students are introduced to the different literary forms.
•   Khand ‘Gha’ of the book is very useful to understand the literary devices and to practise according 
to the CBSE syllabus.

•   A booklet of practice worksheets is being given free to the students with this book, which will 
help them to practise grammar topics.

•   The answer book (TRM) is also available. The reader can buy from us or nearest book shop.

Several linguists and teachers have richly contributed to make this book very useful.

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