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Together with Zoom In Science for Class 2


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Binding : Paperback

Author : Rachna Sagar Expert Panel

Language : English

ISBN : 9788181371560

Weight : 0.245 kg

  1. Dialogue-based lessons: Break the conventional stereotype didactic writing which may help in understanding the topic easily and also help in developing conversation skills.
  2. Search Meaning: Meaning of typical words to develop vocabulary given on that very page saves the child's time in looking back every time.
  3. Check Yourself: Questions to evaluate the understanding of the lesson.
  4. Your Wisdom and Wowser: Shoot up the lateral thinking of the child besides providing
    him/her with extra knowledge.
  5. Quick Scroll: The summary of the chapter to recall the lesson.
  6. Activity: To develop scientific skills like investigations and experimentations.
  7. Key Words: A single line definition to clarify the word.
  8. Practicum Zone contains MCQs, Rebus, True/False to develop conceptual interpretation and writing skills.
  9. Sci Zone contains :
  10. Group Discussion: To develop interpersonal skills
    Brain Quest: To develop critical thinking
    Explore Your World: To develop observation and awareness of the environment
    Do it Yourself: To develop creative skills and thinking (P. 30, 76 - Book 1), (P. 52, 68, 86 - Book 2).
  11. My Mini Interactive/Informative Corner: This section given at the end of the book contains activities that inculcate in students certain life skills like confidence building, conflict resolution, scientific reasoning, etc. Besides this, it gives a brief account of a few inventors, hands-on science experiments, games and amazing jokes that make fun of certain scientific terms.
  12. Test Generator (Coming Soon...)
  13. Teachers can generate Multiple Test papers.

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